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Hailed as one of the greatest

live performing acts this side of the equator.

Formed in Johannesburg, South Africa in the early 1990’s, Agro have been the forerunners of Heavy Metal on the African continent for many years and continue striving to enlighten all in their path, preaching the true ethics of real Metal!

Agro’s music can best be described as true HEAVY METAL with healthy doses of modern Thrash and indigenous folk - heavy, fast, melodic and catchy as hell!

After a short setback and line-up change, Agro 2014 are back stronger and more determined than ever before to firmly entrench their sound in Europe and the rest of the world.

They are currently working on opus no.8, which promises to be bigger, fuller, heavier, more melodic, more brutal and even more ‘FUCK THE WORLD’ than ever before!!!

All hail the brightest light from the darkest continent!!!

AGRO Members:

•    CLIFF CRABB (Vocals)

•    ROBBIE RIEBLER (Bass/Vocals)

•    Alex Temperley (Drums)

•    Martin John Dugdale (Guitars & Keyboards)

•    Ian Gertenbach (Guitars)

AGRO Discography:

•    “FROM WITHIN” [1995]

•    “EYES” [1997]

•    “THE TREE” [1999]

•    “FORTHCOMING” [2003]

•    “GOUDA THAN HELL” [2004]

•    “RITUAL 6” [2007]


Formed in the 90’s as a non-stereotypical thrash act, Agro added new life, combined with aggression and constant entertainment to a Rock / Metal scene that had become saturated by Florida-style Death Metal clones.


Through the years AGRO have undergone some major changes in the band. Professionally and musically they have evolved and overcome some of these hurdles & other obstacles which the local entertainment scene has thrown at them. 2011 will surely be no different.

AGRO now make use of a more traditional Heavy Metal approach with a powerful twin-guitar attack and the use of strings (violin) and harmonic keyboards resulting in melodic Power / Thrash Metal with aggressive yet audible vocals which add depth and originality.


AGRO forge ahead in true Heavy Metal spirit with a string of live performances that offer the crowd a show of true professional musicianship combined with a hedonistic, larger than life, tongue-in-cheek attitude - fuelled by beer and a true Rock n’ Roll party spirit.

They have seven full-length albums under their belt, one international album release (“Ritual 6”), European excursions together with an appearance at the Wacken Open Air festival, several African tours, countless South African shows from small pubs to headlining major festivals and more.


These seasoned musicians have played alongside some of the world’s greatest Rock and Metal acts locally and abroad (including Blind Guardian, Nocturnal Rites, Deity’s Muse, Ensiferum, Fokofpolisiekar and Becoming The Archetype), showing that they have the ability to enthrall not only the Heavy Metal enthusiasts but they have also gained fans from across all musical tastes.


AGRO are able to break down musical and cultural divides and are true entertainers in every sense.

This is evident in their professionalism on and off stage.


With the release of their 7th album, “Rewriting History” in 2010 (together with a bonus full-length DVD), these ‘Godfathers of South African Heavy Metal’ continue their quest to bring their brand of Heavy Metal to all four corners of the globe.

After extensive touring through 2011, Agro are busy writing and arranging material for their long awaited 8th Album to be released in early to mid 2012.


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